Thursday, March 26, 2009

Palmer Weiss Inspired Room

So yesterday I was totally inspired by Palmer Weiss, a San Francisco based designer, with mad skills. So I have created and inspired room in her honor, enjoy! I started with a soft blue sofa from Anthropologie. I love the twisted chesterfield style, with the sassy blue fabric, perfection!

Gotta throw a pop of zebra in there! These pillows are great, needlepoint zebra from Chelsea Textiles. I love the whimsy animal print brings to a design.

One of my all time fav coffee tables from CB2! Would you believe it only cost $249.00! I die!

Classic bergere chair...I think two in the room flanking the sofa. The gray-brown linen is so hot!

This is the unexpected pop of pattern in the room. I found this rug at West Elm. They are a great resource to find inexpensive and interesting home goods. Check it out!

I love this table! I believe you don't have to do pairs of anything, but I not scared to either! Symmetry relaxes me! It is such a diva designer thing to say you can never do "matchy-matchy". If you like it, then do it!

My favorite accessory in a room, the gourd lamp. This line is surprisingly affordable. Robert Abbey, we sell them at Villa Dauphine. They come in a million colors, and go with everything! Well there's another inspired room, have a great weekend! I'm off to Montgomery!

Design Idol...

Palmer Weiss, I love your designs! I even love her personal style! I heart her!

There is no better place to take a chance, than a powder room. I love this paper and its metallic finish. Powder rooms are usually small, so it won't break the bank if you fall in love with an expensive wallpaper.

Look at how yummy this living room is! I love the Greek key rug and Lucite coffee table. Lucite can mix into any interior so easily, its the little black dress of design!

I have been obsessed with this picture for forever! The window treatments are one of my absolute favorites! So classic and modern at the same time! Don't even get me started on the club chair and ottoman! I have been looking everywhere for that fabric! If you have any ideas, please let me know! What a fresh and fun color scheme!

Okay, okay. I do love animal print. Like I always say, "it is like a neutral, goes with everything".
The skirted table is great if you have a bunch of "stuff" that needs hiding!

Another look at one of the first pictures. It shows the awesome Greek key detail of the rug. I am so into true soft blues. They truly have a calming effect on me.

This is the picture that made me totally have a design crush on Palmer Weiss. The colors remind me of a cold bowl of sherbet. I love sherbet, and i love this room. The cocktail tables are some of my favorites. Its a line we carry at Villa Dauphine, Bungalow 5. They come in a bunch of different colors. I've used them in orange at a clients house. I should post a pic!

Palmer's use of pattern is amazing! It is always fresh, but never too much, or overwhelming. I think a lot of little girls would be very happy to sleep in this room.

The emerald green of this room paired with the leopard is so chic! The trim detail on the back cushions of the sofa, is a great way to add oomph to cushions or throw pillows. Its the little things...

And last, but not least...This is how chocolate and blue should be done. Simple, clean, and completely elegant. I think that sums up the room, and Palmer Weiss.

images courtesy of Palmer Weiss's website

Monday, March 23, 2009

Water Baby!

I had an amazing day on the boat yesterday, and it made me realize how lucky I am to live on the coast.  So today's post is a coastal home by Jim Howard from House Beautiful...Phoebe's husband!  I mean can that family get anymore talented?!  Check out the chandelier!  True it is shells, but so not cheesy!  I would use this in my house!  
Love the cream upholstery on all of the chairs and sofa.  The colors are sprinkled very subtly throughout the room.  Turquoise and spring green, one of my fav color combos!
Ahhhhhh, I love this kitchen.  A. it has subway tile, B. it has fresh flowers, C. it has a fab stainless range, D. it has a butcher blocked island!  Okay, I have to stop!
Sweet dreams bloggers!  It is that time of year, pick your destination and plan a trip, you deserve it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dabney Lee Fabulousness

So this is the fab gift one of my bff's gave me for my birthday!  I am in love with this acrylic tray.  You can change the inside graphics to fit any decor!  Don't mention the monogram!  Check out the other great gift ideas from Dabney Lee!  Great stationary and home gift ideas!  You can find all these stylish gifts and the amazing line of stationary from Weddings, Etc., in Homewood, Al.  Thanks, Meghan!
One of their many cute patterns to choose from!  Love the aquamarine!
Love the desk notes!  I want them in every pattern!  Such a great gift for a hostess, or a birthday!
My favorite monogram font!  It is called the Park Avenue!  How cute is that!  Very preppy, very me!
And last, but not least, the coolest coasters around!  I think I could plan an entire party around these coasters!  Funky, fun, and practical!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Luxury Linens

Sorry I have been MIA! I have been in Atlanta with some girlfriends. All I can say is "All hail Britney Spears!" I had a blast and am now officially a fan! I am in love with this line of bedding we carry at Villa Dauphine! It is Pom Pom at Home, and I would do every bed in my house in their line! Look at the gorgeous European style nonagramlike a monogram without the initials) they are known for, ahhhh!

All of the bedding is 100% linen, and sooo cool and soft to the touch. The kicker, it is all machine washable!

This is the Mathilde collection. It has a velvet ribbon detail, so sweet.

Last, but not least, this is the Charlie Collection. I have this on my bed, and love it! Look at how great the pink and blue are! I personally love white beds, which I am sure I have mentioned before!

Anyways, just wanted to share something that is timeless and romantic. Enjoy your day, i know I will, it is my birthday! Man, I am getting OLD!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Burst of Style

Sunburst mirrors are one of my absolute favorite accessories! They are so versatile. They have the ability to look great in any style interior. I have one hanging above my sofa in my living room, but they can go anywhere!

I love the whitewash finish of the sunburst above this chest. It is easy to see why they are such a great accent in any interior.

Phoebe Howard did an amazing job of adding drama, by doing a grouping above this bed! Of course she can do no wrong in my book!

Another super fab grouping, this time in a living room!

images courtesy of House Beautiful and Festoni

Monday, March 2, 2009


This is my home. It is a work in progress, but I love it. A cute midtown bungalow, with tons of charm. Too bad it is up for sale now. If you know anyone that wants a 3/2 in Mobile, AL, let me know!

Of course with any design job I am constantly changing my mind, wanting to do something new! If I had the money, my house would change weekly! I love my zebra chairs, but now I want cream linen skirt slipcovers. I am also thinking I want to spice up my color choices. Maybe cream walls, with turquoise silk drapes? What do you think? I will say the chandelier is one of my most fav material items! I will never let it go with the house!

My bedroom was so cozy! Since this picture was taken, I have repainted. It is now a soft cream, with a soft white trim. I love it! I also got new bedding, white linen with a European style romantic! I want to do accents in coral. Embroidered pillows or maybe just a rose bowl of fresh flowers in the pinky-orange tones? That HUGE piece above my bed is an old Victorian mantle I picked up at a local antique store. Isn't it fab! Although, I will say, I sometimes have nightmares about it crashing down on my head in the middle of the night...scary!

I love this server. It was a graduation gift from my dad and stepmother. I think it needs a bolder mirror above it though? I love, love, love my lamp. It was in the post from Friday. When I ordered it I thought it was gong to be much larger. It actually worked out for the best, it looks great in my foyer!