Thursday, September 8, 2011

Make-Up Must Have

I have always been a very loyal Bobbi Brown make-up girl. However, while digging through my make-up bag this morning I found my Laura Mercier Eye Cream in Platinum. I cannot explain how great this product is and what it does to your eyes. It is the perfect peachy, goldish, silver color. I know that sounds weird, but that is the color. I can wear it alone, or with a smudge of brown eyeliner. It is also perfect for highlighting your cheeks, brow bone, and the inside corners of your eyes. I cannot praise this product enough. Go buy it. Be sure to check out my Fall Fashion post on Parish's blog tomorrow. It is a good one!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello my name is Amanda, and I am addicted to Polyvore.

I know I am always a little behind on the newest techno stuff. However, once I discover something, i.e. Twitter and Pinterest, I am addicted. My latest obsession is Polyvore. This site is amazing!!!! You can create any type of outfit your heart desires. The look is complete from your fingers to your toes...literally. Below are some of my looks. I have them posted on Pinterest as well, and plan on creating many more. I think I might even do a few posts on outfits to rooms. Why not!

I created the outfit above for a fun girl's night out. I am so in love with these leopard booties. I am also totally into the tassel earrings. I might have to buy those, to support the cause. Below is a fantastic outfit I created for a wedding or cocktail party. I love Roarke necklaces. They look great with a cocktail dress or a plain white t-shirt.

I am going to wear the outfit below everyday this fall. I tracked down the Tory Burch flats in Chicago, and they are en route to Montgomery as I type! The only thing I am worried about is my huge thighs is those tight red jeans. Thanks goodness I invested in Abcuts. :)

This green dress keeps me up at night. I will buy this, oh yes I will. Mom, if you are reading this, possible gift for your favorite and only child.

This outfit was created with a date night in mind for Paul and I. Its a little bit country(Paul), and a little bit rock n roll(me). A perfect combo for dinner and drinks in the booming metropolis of Montgomery, AL.

And last, but not least, Game Day!! Roll Tide!!!!! I will always love the idea of a fabulous dress and heels. Parading from Gallettes to the stadium. Those were the days!! But reality has set in, and I am not a college girl anymore. Tear. So this is my laid back version of Game Day. Who knows, I might trade the flat boots in for a pair with killer heels.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY Antique Mirror...The Adventure

So the inspiration from Betsy Brown article in House Beautiful lead me to try a DIY project while visiting my mom in Mobile. We were going to make a fabulous antique mirror, and save tons of money. Ha! It was an adventure to say the least. I googled a few "how to's", and thought hey I can do this. I printed off the supply list and directions, and my mom and I ventured to Home Depot to gather our gear. This was at 11:30 in the morning. We finished our project at 9:00 at night. Two trips to Home Depot, three trips for wine and beer, and a huge mess later we completed the project. My sweet mom took the first mirror, because I wasn't 100% happy with the result. I have to say it looked great on her wall. It was NOT as easy as the other blogs made it out to be. Below is our adventure, and my advice on how to antique a mirror.

This is what the mirror will look like on the back once it is out of the box. There is a layer of paint that has to be removed. Maybe two layers, it depends. Lay it out on a drop cloth outside near a hose. Lather the paint stripper on and let it sit for as long as you can! It makes the removal process much easier. Then you can begin the oh so fun process of removing the muck. Tip, do not use organic paint stripper. Get the real deal. Organic took forever to work!!

This was our first mistake. We used a metal scrapper(that's what the other blogs said to do), and it made TERRIBLE scratches all over that could be seen on the other side. Plastic scrappers did the same thing. Lesson learned. Like my awesome gloves?

Here is when I needed a little liquid courage to keep me going. I recommend doing this when it is cool outside. The heat only adds to my frustration!

Once you start removing the stripper and paint, you will begin to see a silver mirrored finish. We found that a very gentle sponge, LOTS of cloths, and a little elbow grease was the best method for removing the paint and stripper. This helped avoid the scratches. We did all of this on a drop cloth. It gets messy!

More beer. This is key. Once the mirror has been stripped of paint, wash it off with the hose and give it a good wipe down. Once it is clean spray the backside with the muric acid. The more you spray the more antique it looks. I sprayed more around the edges so it would look more authentic. Let the acid sit for 20-45 seconds and rinse with the hose. This stuff is no joke. Be careful and do not breathe it in your lungs! If you think you want more spots, spray again and rinse again until you get the desired effect.

This is a crappy shot of the mirror after the muric acid was applied. Trust me it looks cool. Rinse and wipe the mirror down until it is completely dry. Now you are ready for the final step. Spray paint! Spray the entire back with black spray paint. Let dry. You are almost done.

Mom and I had moved onto wine at this point. This is the second mirror we had done, and we were kind of over it.

Close up of mirror with black spray paint applied.

Here is my sweet mom putting the finishing coat on the second mirror. She is going to kill me for this picture. I am not going to show you the final product, because I still have to frame it. Overall, the mirrors turned out great. I will do another post on the final outcome, and the progress of my fireplace mantle revamp. I need a few more things, and a little more money!!


* Mirror, any size you would like. I used a 36"x48"

* Chemical Resistant Gloves

* Muric Acid

* Spray Bottle

* Paint Striper

* Flat Black Spray Paint

* Lots of Disposable Cloths

* Drop Cloth

* Wine

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I am seriously obsessed....

I have a terrible blogger, and have probably lost most of my followers!! I am so very sorry. Work is busy, to say the least. I like busy, but hate not being able to post more often. I will work on this issue. In other news I have finally completed a post about my new all time favorite house by Betsy Brown. I have three copies of the new House Beautiful, if that tells you how much I love this house. It is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. I happen to be married to a hunter, and antlers are a common occurance in our home. I have always loved the idea of antlers in our house, but had a hard time figuring how to display them. Well Betsy has shown me the way! I think it is improtant when shopping for accessories to look for things that are sculptural. A few other details that I am dying over, are the leaning mirrors and art work. It makes some pieces that seem too formal more approachable. I have a hilarious post about a DIY antiqued mirror. After a few trips to Home Depot and lots of wine, we have the start of a fabulous new mirror. I will try to post that later this week. So from here on out I am carrying one of my many issues around with me. I will spend every dime I have to get my house to look even slightly like this Possum Bend plantation!! I have attached a few key items below that can help you acheive the Betsy Brown look. Enjoy!

images via House Beautiful and Betsy Brown

Belgian Slop Arm Sofa Restoration Hardware

Antler Chandelier from Ebay

Antiqued Mirror from George Smith

Dwell Studio Black and White Rug

Until next time!


Monday, August 8, 2011

I am a terrrible blogger!!

I will be back! I have so much to say about the new House Beautiful article on Betsy Brown, I can hardly contain myself. I am going put it on out favorite home interior to date(well tied with McAlpines, turquoise throw room). I will work my fanny off for as long as I live to have my house look and feel the way that plantation does in Possum Bend, Alabama. Miss you guys!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bobo does it again...

We are still playing catch up after a week away for the Atlanta market. If you have never been, it is exhausting!! The first day I had our schedule timed out to perfection. We hit a ton of our favorite showrooms, and a few new ones too. Sad to say we were a little underwhelmed. We left that day tired, hungry, and with swollen feet. Luckily we saved Bobo Intriguing Objects for day two. Man do they know how to stage a showroom. It was dark and moody, and had Mumford and Sons blaring in the background. I was was smitten from the second I walked in the door. Layers of new mixed with old, and out of this world dramatic upholstered pieces. We got our energy back, and drooled over their amazing new pieces. Below are a few of my favorites. Hope you love them as much as I do!! If you need any pricing let me know!!













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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sometimes you just need a little sparkle...

Do you every feel the need to throw on something sparkly and go out? My friend Meredith and I have been having this feeling a lot lately. Montgomery isn't the most cosmopolitan city, but sequins are "in" no matter what city you call home. So ladies, throw on some sequins and grab a Dirty Martini. You deserve it. Happy Friday. I leave you with some of my favorite items that would make me sparkle on the inside and out!!


Bradley...our favorite. J. Crew

Only $2,500 and this fab long skirt could be yours.

Love the mix of chambray and sequins, J. Crew

Sequin mini, yes please. J. Crew

So chic. Denim cut offs and a sequin striped sweater. J. Crew

This also comes in gold, and is on the way to my house as I type. Obsessed and impressed Victoria's Sercret! Who Knew?!

Perfection. Vince is so amazing. Pair this with a pair of black cigarette pants and bright colored platforms. Who is ready for a night out?

Until next time,