Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our New Digs...Some Before and Afters

Here it is!  Our new little home!  Below are some pics of our dining room before and after.  We painted the walls Baby Fawn, Benjamin Moore.  I will post more details later.  I know it still needs a ton of work, but we are getting there!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Is there anybody out there...

So I know I have disappeared off the the blog radar for about 4 months now.  Having said that, I have moved to a new city(Montgomery, AL ), started a new job(Richtex Fabrics), bought and moved into a new house(which I love), and have been attempting to plan a wedding that is only 2 months away.  The images below are what I eat, sleep, and dream about.  I miss my blog terribly and hope to be be back on a regular basis from now on...or at least occasionally until the big day is done!  Would y'all like to see some pics of my new digs?  Tune in tomorrow night and I promise to post a few before pictures.  XOXO, be patient with me.