Monday, August 22, 2011

I am seriously obsessed....

I have a terrible blogger, and have probably lost most of my followers!! I am so very sorry. Work is busy, to say the least. I like busy, but hate not being able to post more often. I will work on this issue. In other news I have finally completed a post about my new all time favorite house by Betsy Brown. I have three copies of the new House Beautiful, if that tells you how much I love this house. It is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. I happen to be married to a hunter, and antlers are a common occurance in our home. I have always loved the idea of antlers in our house, but had a hard time figuring how to display them. Well Betsy has shown me the way! I think it is improtant when shopping for accessories to look for things that are sculptural. A few other details that I am dying over, are the leaning mirrors and art work. It makes some pieces that seem too formal more approachable. I have a hilarious post about a DIY antiqued mirror. After a few trips to Home Depot and lots of wine, we have the start of a fabulous new mirror. I will try to post that later this week. So from here on out I am carrying one of my many issues around with me. I will spend every dime I have to get my house to look even slightly like this Possum Bend plantation!! I have attached a few key items below that can help you acheive the Betsy Brown look. Enjoy!

images via House Beautiful and Betsy Brown

Belgian Slop Arm Sofa Restoration Hardware

Antler Chandelier from Ebay

Antiqued Mirror from George Smith

Dwell Studio Black and White Rug

Until next time!


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