Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello my name is Amanda, and I am addicted to Polyvore.

I know I am always a little behind on the newest techno stuff. However, once I discover something, i.e. Twitter and Pinterest, I am addicted. My latest obsession is Polyvore. This site is amazing!!!! You can create any type of outfit your heart desires. The look is complete from your fingers to your toes...literally. Below are some of my looks. I have them posted on Pinterest as well, and plan on creating many more. I think I might even do a few posts on outfits to rooms. Why not!

I created the outfit above for a fun girl's night out. I am so in love with these leopard booties. I am also totally into the tassel earrings. I might have to buy those, to support the cause. Below is a fantastic outfit I created for a wedding or cocktail party. I love Roarke necklaces. They look great with a cocktail dress or a plain white t-shirt.

I am going to wear the outfit below everyday this fall. I tracked down the Tory Burch flats in Chicago, and they are en route to Montgomery as I type! The only thing I am worried about is my huge thighs is those tight red jeans. Thanks goodness I invested in Abcuts. :)

This green dress keeps me up at night. I will buy this, oh yes I will. Mom, if you are reading this, possible gift for your favorite and only child.

This outfit was created with a date night in mind for Paul and I. Its a little bit country(Paul), and a little bit rock n roll(me). A perfect combo for dinner and drinks in the booming metropolis of Montgomery, AL.

And last, but not least, Game Day!! Roll Tide!!!!! I will always love the idea of a fabulous dress and heels. Parading from Gallettes to the stadium. Those were the days!! But reality has set in, and I am not a college girl anymore. Tear. So this is my laid back version of Game Day. Who knows, I might trade the flat boots in for a pair with killer heels.

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  1. I have not heard of this site!! where have i been??? love the outfits too. I need to play on this one…or you can just make outfits for me too :):)